The Road Users Association (RUA) is an informal organisation that has been formed by interested parties, mainly from the motoring industry and legal profession, to positively influence the unreasonable behaviour of the ZRP at their numerous check points throughout the country.

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2 thoughts on “Welcome to the RUA”

  1. We travelled to Harare 2 weeks ago and encountered in the region of 20 roadblocks, at one roadblock we could actually see the next road block ahead of us it was so close. At most of the road blocks we were challenged over our “biscuit” spare wheel, which we fought, having had experience of doing so in Bulawayo. At one roadblock just after Gweru the police officers did not have a copy of the road regulations but told us that if we wanted to challenge the law we were responsible for carrying it with us.

    Only the week before we were half an hour at a roadblock just outside Bulawayo on the victoria falls Rd where the police officers threatened to take us to drill hall because we did not have a police accident report for a minor dent in the rear door, from reversing into a tree in a private residence. No part of the car was not working as a result of this minor dent. Meanwhile several other motorists were allowed to pass in cars that were barely road worthy.

  2. Good day, please could you advise me as to the condition of the road between Kwe Kwe & Lupane via Nkayi? We shall be travelling from Harare to Vic Falls. Thank you

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