Road Users Association is pleased to announce Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights will represent RUA in our endeavour to restore motorist’s constitutional rights, through effective and appropriate legal action.

We are grateful to Webb, Low and Barry for their valuable guidance and the significant amount of time invested in the case, to have reached this milestone. With WLB’s ongoing commitment to assist in the case, RUA is able to engage ZLHR with confidence. We thank David Coltart and his colleagues for your valuable support to date.

RUA applauds ZLHR for stepping in to support RUA’s challenge against a police force acting with impunity and contempt. With your resources, we look forward to renewed momentum going forward, for the benefit of our country’s motorists.


The donations received to date have settled Webb, Low and Barry’s account, kindly reduced by WLB to ensure there is no further liability. Future donations will be applied to non-legal costs, in activities aimed at improving the well-being of motorists. RUA donations will be held by Webb, Low and Barry in trust, at no cost to RUA, for which we are also grateful.

RUA is communicating individually with the many applicants who came forward to support the legal challenge.


  1. I to thank you guys for such marvelous work to assist people at large. I am one of the victim of police brutality at these road blocks. without offense I was locked up in cells, the following morning I received trumped up charges, that I assaulted a police officer. Taken to court after 36hrs, was made to pay bail waiting for trial. Tried and convicted without witness. Fined eighty dollars or 30 days in jail. Made an appeal, to no avail.

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