Since the announcement on Sunday, 17 September that spikes were being withdrawn from ZRP checkpoints, we have seen a significant increase in the withholding of drivers licences.

As motorists are compelled to admit guilt and pay a fine on the “spot” (in the absence of the Form 265), ZRP used the spikes to effectively impound the vehicle. As the spikes are no longer available for this purpose, members of ZRP, after asking the motorist to present his or her driver’s licence, are frequently pocketing it to prevent the motorist from leaving the checkpoint.

The driver’s licence is your PERSONAL PROPERTY – you worked for it and paid for it. The withholding of your licence without reasonable cause is illegal.

To counter this illegal tactic, many motorists have reported success with carrying a certified copy of the licence, which is the only version presented at checkpoints. The original should also be carried as it is a legal requirement, but kept safely away from grabbing hands. If the ZRP member insists on the original, you can be certain that his intentions are not for your benefit, and start taking the necessary precautions.

Motorists are encouraged to:

– carry a copy of your driver’s licence

– have it certified by a Commissioner of Oaths

– laminate the certified copy

– carry and attach it to your vehicle in a lanyard, or similar

– carry proof of identity

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