Dear road users

Our tempers are getting us into trouble! Road Users Association volunteers are regularly assisting male motorists in trouble at ZRP checkpoints, after having lost their tempers …

We all know the effect the hot weather has on our behaviour and stress levels. It is a challenge to keep “cool, calm and collected”, in these conditions. The effect is even worse on the individuals manning checkpoints around the country. Members of ZRP are very often fully exposed to the sun, and almost certainly aren’t drinking enough water to counter the effects of the sun. Whilst motorists might feel little sympathy, the reality is the individual you meet at the next checkpoint is probably dehydrated, aggression levels are higher than normal, and incidents are getting out of hand quickly …

RUA’s advice to motorists …

  • Take great care not to allow your buttons to be pushed! If confronted by an individual making false accusations and being more agro than usual, REMAIN CALM – it is your best tactic to ensure you leave the scene quickly, and with your sense of humour intact.
  • If you are ferrying youngsters around, you do not want to be detained at length at a checkpoint in the October heat, with young passengers. Every Mum should have a support network – if you are at a checkpoint and need to spend time to  ensure a fair outcome, call a friend to collect your youngsters and remove them from the scene.
  • We all know that constant intake of water keeps us hydrated and significantly improves our coping skills. In the current hot conditions we should increase our water intake, and carry extra water in our vehicles. (Water should only be carried/stored in GLASS BOTTLES. During the extreme heat inside a closed car, the chemicals used in the manufacture of plastic bottles leach into the water, which you end up drinking).
  • Talking of water, ensuring the bottles are not in your vehicles for too long, consider filling small plastic throw-away bottles with water and handing out to the less fortunate at robot intersections, etc. The instant smile you’ll get in return will confirm how much that water is appreciated.
  • Pets should only be in vehicles if it is absolutely essential – they’ll be far happier in the shade at home.

We hope that motorists find this advice useful, and welcome any feedback.

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