President Emmerson Mnangagwa delivers his speech after his inaguration at National Sports Stadium in Harare (Picture by Tawanda Mudimu)

Members of Dear ZRP and motorists across the country are justifiably concerned that ZRP’s stop-and-search checkpoints will return. Road Users Association expects they will return, and the real question is: FOR BETTER OR WORSE?

There are over 30 000 (employed) members of ZRP deployed in a Traffic role. National Highway Patrol, Harare and Bulawayo Traffic, etc. are institutions that will probably be around forever.

RUA believes we need ZRP Traffic back as soon as possible, BUT with a renewed spirit (guided by Psalm 51:10). We need and deserve a ZRP Traffic that is more interested in restoring disciplined, responsible driving to the county’s roads, than the size and pattern of our vehicles’ reflectors.

So what can we expect?

The rogues who have inflicted SIGNIFICANT trauma on motorists are still around, for the moment. The lifestyle acquired through roadside corruption, still has to be paid for and partially-built houses completed. Motorists must be protected from these individuals, until they are identified and purged from a police force we trust will return with a renewed spirit.

A few checkpoints resurfaced on Thursday, 23rd November, and curiously, a ZDF soldier was often present. Following ZDF members respectful and courteous treatment of motorists, we can expect that soldiers deployed at checkpoints will positively influence ZRP members’ behavior. In a Zimbabwe that has returned to full civilian control, we’re unsure if there is a legal and moral role for ZDF at the checkpoints, however we trust that a renewed ZRP Traffic will not need babysitting by ZDF …

RUA suggests that a new administration under President Mnangagwa has the opportunity to cleanse ZRP of the individuals who have done the most damage to ZRP’s image, and our physical and mental wellbeing. Motorists will gladly help the new administration identify these individuals …

In the meanwhile, the volunteer members of RUA and the community groups created to support motorists, remain vigilant and prepared to protect our fellow motorists.

The motorists of Zimbabwe wish to travel in the spirit of “Dear ZRP” and not “Fear ZRP”. We look forward to President Mnangagwa and his new administration making this a reality …

With respect,

Sean Quinlan
For Road Users Association


  1. the actions of police accusing motorists of proceeding against a late Amber must be brought to a level of sensible facts not lies, the same applies to STOP signs. also educate police manning roadblocks the difference between serviceable and serviced relating to fire extinguishers ETC.

  2. Thx Sean, well said & let’s hope the ZRP don’t come back with previous attitude & concentrate on Commuters + bad driving. Let’s pray we can drive around Harare with out fear of these Scavengers.

  3. Sean, that is great, thank you.
    Is there any route by which this ‘letter’ of yours can be delivered to the new administration, maybe when a new Minister is appointed? You are speaking on behalf of a huge section of Zimbabwe’s motorists and the new goverment MUST be made aware of the ZRP’s past behaviour and criminal activities at traffic checks.

  4. The ZRP Traffic operations have been the most corrupt in Africa. If they come back, our New and very committed President should just arrest the whole lot and send them to Chikurubi for corruption. In fact the communities know the names of the corrupt officers and they should exposed and arrested. Tho rot starts from the top, Road Users have not been free in this country

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